For the Love of Humanity

It is said that one’s true character is revealed in crisis, not in calm. Over the last two years, the world has been in crisis, and the revelations have shocked me to my core.

It doesn’t matter which side of the vaccine debate you are on, as both sides have become complicit in the erosion of our humanity. Neither of the extreme sides of the stance can claim the mantle of compassion any longer.

Those of you whose senses aren’t bombarded by the feelings and energies of other people might not even recognize that it’s happening. Others still may decide it’s a righteous stance and dismiss my thoughts as misguided or outright wrong. Either way, you’re entitled to your thoughts. I lay no claim of being a mountain-top sage with wisdom to cover and cure the world. I cannot stay quiet any longer though, as the hamster wheel of the same thoughts over and over need to be given voice to be exorcised.

Compassion is defined as the sympathy for the suffering or struggles of others. “Others” becomes the key in this, because it doesn’t only mean anyone who isn’t you, it also means anyone alien to you that you don’t group in with yourself. Feeling sympathy for someone who thinks exactly like you isn’t practicing compassion. It’s an extension of your own ego exercising the power of self-validation. Even the most predatory will often protect their own. There’s no righteousness in that.

Yet righteousness is exactly what many seem to be proclaiming, along with their distorted view of compassion as they revel in the sickness and monstrously even in the death of those in opposition to their own thoughts. Social media has become the Colosseum as its users cheer on either the Covid or Vaccine Lions to claim another victim. All in the hope of buttressing their own argument.

Is a human life worth so little now that we seek joy in the loss of it for political positioning? Would it not pain you to no end if one of your loved ones was chosen in this arbitrary Hunger Games scenario? How can your heart not ache over every loss of potential? Or cry out in pain for the families devastated in the wake of grief and loss? Have you flown so far afield from your humanity that you will dance and revel at someone’s anguish just to be able to say you were right?

So please, for the love of humanity as a WHOLE, consider your words and your actions in this time of crisis. Hold fast to your beliefs and state your case but base it in true compassion for all. Pray or at the very least send well wishes for all who are suffering, lest there be nothing truly righteous and loving left to live for.


Published by Jen B. @JenBennsJourney

Full time housewife, mom, & grandma. Learning to manage depression and anxiety by talking about them and other things along the path.

3 thoughts on “For the Love of Humanity

  1. This hurts my heart on a guttural level. Im very sensitive to others on a similar wavelength as yourself: in two years Ive seen the underbelly and true thought processes of those that I thought were kind people. I dont feel that these days. It is a man eat man world. My heart hurts for a society that literally has faceless humans holding signs handing out free hugs, when hugs should be a natural thing for all of us to do with one another.. figuratively or literally- still human touch is the most valuable thing we can share with one another. When our hearts see one another through all the white noise- there is a comfort that can be found. I need this and feel so thirsty for some kind of kindness to be the norm again

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    1. Talking about it is my attempt to climb out of the abyss. I thought it would die down if I ignored it, but it’s only gaining momentum. My heart literally aches and I waa fighting back tears even writing it. I love you very much and am blessed every time I see your name. 💗


      1. I admire you for allowing yourself to speak your truth unabated – The conversation needs had. How do we want this world to be tomorrow? I dont wanna come out of a pandemic without seeing some kind of change. I know. You and I both have futures within our girls and their babies, we can’t afford to stay quiet now. You see the topics on twitter, while disheartening, maybe those with the light, like you, will carry the message in a way that even those we thought unreachable have a reachable moment 🙂 You are always in my heart and thoughts. There is a select group that I have watched for this whole pandemic handle the dark times with the grace of god, and without the bitterness <— those are who I want to carry into my future – You are more light than you could possible understand. Many reach for your steadfast beauty, me being one of them. Signed, Your Faraway Friend who’s a click away

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